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Finally a digital tape calculator!!

This app has what they call a 10-key option. makes it work like an adding machine as opposed to a regular calculator. One gets used to the adding machine with a tape. Too bulky to carry around. This is great.

5 star concept with 1 star execution.

At first glance this app is pure genius. Using your computer keyboard or the app’s virtual keyboard you can replace a cumbersome desktop adding machine with this amazing replica. Decimal options, calculator or ten key mode, a correction option that also corrects the tape; it would appear that this application would allow me to take my old adding machine to Goodwill and free up some desk space. Alas, there is a bug in the app that prevents it from printing. As it is supposed to be a printing calculator app this amounts to a serious problem. When attempting to use the print function a message appears stating “This application is not allowed to print. Please contact your application vendor for an update.” When I attempted to access the vendor’s site for support I discovered that the site was down for maintenance. It has remained down for the last three weeks. Three requests for assistance sent via email have gone unanswered. The workaround is to save each tape as a file in excel and then open and print the excel file. While this is not an unbearable inconvenience it’s frustrating in a product that seemed to have been so well thought out.

Not an adding machine. Can’t contact support

When you try to contact support from their web site you get “405 Not allowed error” so no help there. Was really hoping this could act like an adding machine. But it only half does. It does when it comes to addition and subtraction but with multiplication and division it behaves more like a calculator. There is a big difference if your used to using an adding machine. Needs a “=“ and a “T” button. Mac OS built in calculator app has a tape function if you hit “command T” if all your looking for is a tape fiction. Regret buying it now. But hopfully they upgrade it.

I’m happy with it

I’m a picky app developer and I have no suggestions for improvement. It does what I need which is mostly just arithmetic.

Great Calculator!

It’s been really good for me. I use it for the accounting purposes and the fact that I can save the tape has been especially useful. Glad to have bought it.

If you liked Judy’s TenKey, you’ll LOVE this one!

First of all, thank you for the all the updates correcting various issues. I am a 25 year PC user and recently switched to a MAC so am always on the lookout for programs to replace those I loved on the PC. One of those programs was Judy’s Tenkey. I’ve tried several calculator apps, but this is THE closest to Judy I can get. It’s a great app and worth every penny. I use it daily.

Need Memory Keys please!!!

Thank you for PRINT TAPE!!!!! Still need Memory keys (M+, M-, MC, MR) I will go 5 stars if I get this in the next release.

Perfect tape calculator for Mac!!

Ive been looking for a tape calculator for Mac ever since I switched platforms three years ago. TapeCalc is perfect for accounting and business professionals looking for a beautifully designed, straightforward adding machine replacement app. It really fills a void; thank you for creating it! If I could change anything, I would add an option to have the tape on the right side of the calculator. It would also be helpful if you could add the option to set it so that it stays on top of other open apps. These are just personal preferences that in no way detract from the app. Buy it already, its great!

A Simple but Excellent Calculator

TapeCalc is a good replacement for "TopCalculette Pro" which is no longer supported under Lion. The ability to to edit an entry in the tape and have the change instantly reflected in the total is fantastic. The developer is very responsive to questions, problems, and suggestions. I have contacted the developer several times, always received a prompt reply, and ultimately had a revision addressing my concerns. This is definitely a Five Star application.

Does the job.

Nice little app that fills a need. The current version does have an option for auto decimal placement. I use it to add entries for Quicken then copy/paste to the amount field. A bit pricey for what you get but there arent many alternatives.

Best Mac Calculator Out There!

I am really enjoying this calculator. It does everything I need it to, especially tenkey mode. Thank you Kiltish Software.

cool little program

works really great and doesnt get in the way. i would highly recommend this for anyone who does general accounting and/or book keeping!

K.I.S.S. Calculator for Business Users - Well Done!!

There are so many calculators out there but all I wanted was a simple calculator with tape for business users that can also do RPN entry like an adding machine. TapeCalc surely fits the bill. $9.99 is a little pricey compared to others but I guess its worth it since I use it all day long. Also like how some of the older comments made in reviews are fixed in the current version. By the way, K.I.S.S. stands for Keep It Simple Stupid. Thanks Kiltish!!

Needs some work

As of version 1.1.0, this app is pretty flawed. You cant copy or paste numbers. Theres no button to clear the tape. Worst of all, common sense operations dont work the way they should. For example, if you type the following: "10+1<enter>" on any normal calculator, youll get 11. On this calculator, you get 10. If you do the same operation with minus instead of plus (10-1<enter>) you get the maddening answer "-10". This calculator needs a fair bit of polish before theyre ready to charge money for it.

It works ok, but...

The key on my ten key that the Apple calculator recognizes as "clear" is another 9 on the TapeCalc, which makes it harder to move between different calculations without using the trackpad.

Great solution

Im a CPA and I no longer keep a calculator on my desk. This app takes care of all my needs with regard to a calculator. Very stable and works well.

just like the one on my desk

I like it because it works like the adding machine on my desk. Has the tape option or I dont have to waste any tape. Thanks.

Its 90%+ there...

It would be nice if the numbers in the input screen had a comma and decimal point, and there really isnt a help file (BTW, whats the difference between calculator and 10 key?? Im a CPA and I cant remember…!), but it does what is says it does and does it quite well.

New version is excellent! v1.2.1

I had a little problem with v1.2 moving off the screen and staying there when I switch my Mountain Lion desktops from a Thunderbolt Display to the MBP. All I could see was the bottom line of keys at the top of the display and no way to drag it down. I complained on Saturday PM and this new version was in a link to their Dropbox on Monday morning with the fix. I installed and tested and it works great! Im a former accountant and love the 10 key format with the auto decimal. I use the numeric keypad version of the Apple keyboard so now data entry is as fast as with a desktop calculator. Great service and product!

I need help with this purchase

I downloaded this app with the intention of finally getting 2 see my calculations without having 2 start over all the time. This calculator does not have a division symbol. I would like a fix or a refund. Boy I sure will really be careful before I ever do this again. I just cant afford 2 buy another calculator right now

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